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Cala Jane [userpic]
Another "Must-Read" pack of fics.
by Cala Jane (cala_jane)
at April 3rd, 2006 (10:11 pm)

I present you with even more fics that I love and you should too. And I'm still covering my favs *g*

Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
Second Chance by denied_heaven (Spike/Xander)
Fic written for fall_for_sx. And while putting a summary would give away too much, I can tell you that this fic starts with a strong kick and than keeps you tied to the chair all the way to the epilogue. It's beautiful and well written. Deserves all your attention.

Bent Justice by toobusy2write (Spike/Angel, Wes/Gunn, other minor pairings)
Yet another AU. I wouldn't be myself if I didn't rec you at least one AU *g*. It's a Prison AU with Spike being an undercover operative trying to bust a drug dealing circle and Angel as one of the convicts. Sparks flies and so is the UST. Go. Read.

Black Tie Optional by Katie (Wes/Gunn)
Gunn. Wes. Changingroom. Formal wear. Pretty.

Body of Evidence by RealMitzvah (Wes/Gunn)
Wesley's skin documents his relationship with Gunn. And its a hell of a story if you ask me.

Closets by tesla321 (Xander/Larry)
"I'm not---I'm not gay," Xander stammered. "I'm---m-m-making out in closets with Cordelia Chase!"
"Closets being the word," Larry said, kindly, and picked up his dopp bag.

Stay A Spell, Hands Clean, Hands-On DIY Project for Beginners by RealMitzvah (Giles/Xander)
Willow's magical mistake is Giles' Xandery gain. Really worth reading.

'Ho Lord by Andrewsee (Giles/Xander)
Giles needs a date. This is the hellmouth, it could get messy.

Weakness Defined by deani_bean (Cameron/Teal’c, Daniel/Teal’c)
General Landry has figured out Cameron's kryptonite.

Gratitude by helenish (Ronon/Zelenka)
Ronon saves Zelenka. Zelenka is grateful. And yet it all stays PG13. Cuteness warning.

Dendrophilia by dracostella (Parrish/Lorne)
Lorne almost stepped on Parrish who was lying on his back amidst all the tree roots. Fluff.

Dandelion by thesh_t (Parrish/Lorne)
based on the first of the pics in the following link. no warnings or spoilers needed, very short hope you like. http://community.livejournal.com/sga_post_secret/7981.html#cutid1

Not Her Way by tielan (Teyla/Lorne)
Teyla is accustomed to the interest of men. Sometimes she is interested in return, although it is not her way to show it.Once again. Tell her, I sent you.

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