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Cala Jane [userpic]
Great AU post
by Cala Jane (cala_jane)
at March 25th, 2006 (09:55 pm)

This rec post? Totally AU. There were some AUs in my previous post. This time? There's even more.
I have a thing for AUs... And for WIPs.... Sorry.
Here are my All-Time Favs

StarGate SG-1
The Bus Trip by Nessessitie (Jack/Daniel)
An airman notices a university student on his daily bus to work.

Camera Obscura by Gateroller (Jack/Daniel)
Jack is a famous photographer, Daniel is a university professor.

Mystic Minnesota by Mystic (Jack/Daniel)
Charlie survives the accidental shooting, but suffers from brain-damage. Jack moves to his cabin and becomes a coach in a high school after Sara divorces him. Daniel, having no money and no prospects, become the school's language teacher

The Pirate And The Scholar by Rachel (Jack/Daniel)
And it's exactly what it says.

StarGate Atlantis
The Wrong Kind of Guy by tielan (Weir/Ronon)
When Ronon Dex arrives at Shermer High, Elizabeth Weir doesn't initially notice him. But when Ronon helps her out of a tight situation, Elizabeth finds herself becoming friends with this guy who isn't her kind of guy at all! Once again. Please tell her I send you and she should write another epic AU

The Boondock Saints
Home by zebraljb (Connor/Murphy)
Connor and Murph were split after birth and met again at University. They didn't know they were brothers. Beautiful. Perfect and worth reading.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Blood Wings by frk_werewolf (Spike/Xander)
WIP, Posted regularly on Tuesdays.
When FBI Agent Alexander Harris is put on the case of the latest serial killer, known to the law as Angelus, he finds himself turning to an old enemy for help