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First entry :)
by Noelia (noelia_g)
at March 19th, 2006 (09:50 pm)

First of all, hello. Welcome to Cala and Noelia's Recs Journal.
You see, we read a lot. Mostly fanfiction, as it happens. And quite often we feel like sharing our favourite fics.
No, I lied. Not sharing. More like making everyone else read and squee with us.
So, feel free to join and stay with us, we will try to offer you as wide selection as possible. Multifandom, crossover, slash, het and gen, comedy and angst, porn and fluff.
Let's start this.


Let me start by reccing Library Science
I've recced it so many times that I have no more words. What you need to know it's that it's Fred/Giles and it's absolutely bloody fantastic. It's beatifully written, with a spot-on characterisation... how often do you read a fic where every word falls into place with a perfect click and even the structure is true to characters? This is one of the fics I could read thousands of times and still fall in love with every line. Wait, not 'one of the fics'. This is 'the' fic.

Stargate Atlantis

Seven Ways To Abandon Your Life, Without Even Trying
A gen fic that is both funny and sweet and amazing and beautiful and oh, so sad. You feel a distinct, clear voice of each character, and that's a powerful writing.

Coming Soon to a Galaxy Near You!
Starbucks in Pegasus. This is crack, boys and girls, but it's a wonderful crack, and as addictive as coffee.

Stargate SG-1

Jack and Daniel. If you squint, maybe a pre-slash. A series of moments of their friendship, the few in-betweens, written so lovely and so skillfully... This fic shows exactly what I love about Jack&Daniel.


Daniel drabble
It's only a drabble, but terribly worth reading. It's brilliant and witty and oh, so, so funny.


Merry Hogswatch to All (And to All a Good Night)
Angua/Cheery Hogswatch tale. If Terry Pratchett wrote femmeslash, this would be it. Wonderful character voices, and Terry's humour shining through.

Mostly Human
Susan and Vetinari, and the question of time(Time?). Written in amazing way, and so true to the of the most complicated discworld characters...

In A Name
Vetinari and Vimes. From the very firsts Watch books their game and their war, their constant pushing and playing each other is what makes the Night Watch series my favourite from all Pratchett novels. In one of the books the Patrician remarks that he created Vimes in a way. 'Night Watch' put another spin on the characters - in some way, we feel, Vimes helped shape Vetinari. This story spins it around in a truly marvelous way.

Harry Potter

Nine Adulteries
Snape/Harry, NC-17. S/H always was dirty to me, but always was fascinating. But this story... it's so powerful, intense, so dark and beautiful, and disturbing and wonderful... this is a fic that stays with you.

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